My love of ceramics probably dates from my early childhood: each summer visit to my grandparents' home in Cannes was an occasion for my parents to take me to little villages of the back country where one found pottery workshops on every street corner. As an adult, I embraced a teaching career and I raised four children. 

Having put an end to my days as a schoolteacher in 2007, I returned to studies in English that I started years before, and I was able to  complete a master's degree in Irish literature in 2011. While I was planning to begin work on a doctoral dissertation a difficult period of mourning in 2013 upended my life. As a result, I left my academic ambitions behind and, in September 2014, began taking courses in pottery under the guidance of Maguite Hommais-Gaudin at Beuvillers, near Lisieux. It was a subtle but persistent dream that I was finally realising. Thanks to the encouragement that I received from my pottery teacher and from my family, I progressed quickly, notably in the area of wheelthrowing, and soon acquired my own wheel, then a kiln. A chain of events led me to exchange amateur status for that of a professional potter.
Living on a farm, in the Pays d'Auge, I was able, with the assistance of my husband, to arrange a studio for myself in an outbuilding adjacent to our family home. My work with stoneware is done mainly on the wheel. I like to try various kinds of decorative techniques: use of slips, sgraffito, wax resist, water-etching and stained terra sigillata. 
Since my professional debut in May 2016, I sell my creations at pottery and artisanal markets, directly from my studio, in my online boutique and in local shops. My ceramics, finished in an electric kiln, have a utilitarian value, because I like the idea that my pieces will find their place in another home and will serve a daily service, sometimes very far from Normandy.
A thousand thanks to Roger Harris for his kind translation.