Christmas market in Livarot (14) December 2015

 Exhibition L'Artisanat au Féminin at Beuvron-en-Auge (14) 3rd-8th May 2016

Potters market at Ger (61) August 2016

3-4 Dec. 2016  Livarot(14), at the Graindorge dairy

Christmas market at the St Pierre/Dives (14) 10th and 11th Dec. 2016

Craft hobbies show in Livarot February 2017

Potters market at Bosc Roger en Roumois (27) 15th-16th April 2017

Potters market at St Gabriel Brécy (14) May 6th-7th

Night fairs in Caen, July 2017