The site for Maguite Hommais-Gaudin, my pottery teacher

The site for the craftsman who made the beautiful sign in pyrography which is situated at the entrance to our garden

The websites of the pottery museum in Ger (61) run by a young friendly team

The page devoted to the Crow Pottery workshop which is run by Gerald and Beryl, potters who I visit every time I stay in Donegal

The site of my Irish artist friend whose gallery is not far from Crow Pottery

The Facebook page of Stephen Nolan, a very friendly potter in Mountcharles, Co. Donegal

The site of an English ceramist I met in Gers in July 2016

An association near Creully (14) which organise a potters' market each May

The Facebook page for Marco Tortarolo, the Italian ceramist I met in 2014 at Moulins-la Marche (61) and who gave me my first lesson on the potter's wheel.

The website for a potter I met in Scotland at Latheron.

A second potter met in Durness, Scotland.

 A third one, met on the Isle of Skye.

The website where I purchase beautiful wooden stamps.

The website for Pierre Christolhomme, the craftsman who made my new slate sign.

The website for Sean Kingsley, a Scottish potter met at a nocturnal market in Caen in 2018